Business protection – what does that even mean?

As a business owner, have a look around your place of work – it could be your office, a factory, a shop or even your spare room at home.

Look at the ‘stuff’ you need to run that business. Computers, machinery, vehicles, stock and much more.

What would be the impact if one or more of those things weren’t there? A right pain in the @££ I should think, but not the end of the world, as being a responsible business owner, you’ve probably got these things insured haven’t you?

Now take a look at the people that are vital to your business. It could be Mark who knows the set up of the machinery like no one else, or it could be Jackie, the super star sales guru, with industry contacts going back years. If could be just you, especially as a sole trader perhaps or maybe you have 2 or 3 share holders who all add something special to the company.

What happens if Mark, Jackie, one of your partner’s or even you weren’t around, or were unable to work due to illness/accident? That’s even more of a pain in the @££ isn’t it? Well yes, it is, but it needn’t be the disaster that it appears to be.

Business protection is there to look after the most important part of ANY business. Its people.

It can provide Key Person Cover, shareholder protection or even tax efficient life insurance. The business can pay for it, just like the business pays to insure the vans, the machines or the computers.

Specialised advice is highly recommended, and at Sure Health and Protect we offer a free, no obligation review, so get in touch, and we can arrange to discuss over a coffee. You could even download our free guide below….