What life cover should I have?

Life insurance.  That’s a good way to stop a conversation in its tracks isn’t it?  It’s not glamorous, it’s not (to most) interesting, it’s possibly confusing, but it’s also the elephant in the room that should be discussed.

There is no reason be to hide from life insurance, after all, we insure our cars, our homes, our pets and even our phones these days, so why not ourselves?

Many years ago, I was told to use the following sales pitch –

‘Imagine there was a machine in the corner of your lounge.  Every month, you pressed a button, and out came ££££.  How great would that be?  You’d probably want to insure that machine wouldn’t you?  YOU are that machine…’

The pitch goes on a bit more, and I never really liked the idea of using it, but I love the analogy of insuring the most important thing in your house.

If you and/or your partner were no longer around or could not work for an extended period of time, that machine stops working.  It’s impossible to fix it after the event, but it is possible to essentially buy an extended warranty before anything goes wrong.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the cost too, click here and let us contact you and tailor some figures.

Life insurance isn’t just life insurance really.  Yes, of course life insurance pays if the worst happens, but what about serious or critical illnesses, what about the inability to work due to long term sickness or a bad accident? Your situation is unique to you – let us help you understand how you can provide for your loved ones even if you’re no longer around or can no longer work.

Make that machine keep working.