The cover that is right for YOU

Sure Health and Protect was created after our founder, and Principal, Mike Longshaw had gained 15 years industry experience, and wanted to offer a more personalised approach.  

Building a relationship with our clients

Mike Longshaw Mike says “Whilst technology has made a massive difference to the industry, and we would in many ways be lost without it, I felt that something was missing.  

Not everyone is happy to make important decisions online, or even over the phone, so Sure Health and Protect will endeavour to meet with our clients, face to face if that is what they want.  This way, we can really build a relationship, and ensure that our clients get the advice and service that they need, without worrying that they are just another name on a computer screen.”

 “We find that for many businesses, insurance is a basic safeguard of livelihood and future stability.  Making sure you have various insurances in place is seen as an essential part of running a business.

What a lot businesses tend to overlook though, when considering insurance, is probably the most important aspect of all – themselves and their people! It’s a complex area, and one that we feel deserves to be considered very seriously. The unfortunate reality, is that without the right financial protection, your business could suffer a significant loss if key personnel became seriously ill, or died.  The cost of replacing these skills and expertise are very real threats to the ongoing success of any business, without the right protection in place. We have spent many years gaining superb knowledge in this area, so you will be in very safe hands.

  Another area we also feel passionate about, that is often overlooked, is the Over 50’s. It is a growing sector in the UK, and in my experience, especially if you have some medical concerns, things can be more complicated.  We aim to change that, by making clients and the public aware that there are options out there for them, but not enough people are aware that they exist.  My mission, over time, is to inform and advise, and ensure that the right policy is bought by the right person.”

As a specialist insurance broker, whether the insurance is for you, your business or your family, we can help you make a choice that suits you, and since the cost can vary dramatically, we can also find you a product that suits your budget as well as your need.  Contact us now, and see that one call, really does do it all!