To ensure your business is protected

Business Protection Insurance is vital if you have a business that could be in trouble if one of the owners or key staff members were to pass away or suffer from a serious illness. You probably already insure many areas of your business but what about the most important aspect – you and your people?

As specialists in this area, we can deliver a tailored, affordable, professional solution that could ensure the future of YOUR business.

Some key questions to consider –

Partnership/Share Protection

  • What would happen if a director or partner dies or suffers a serious illness?
  • What would happen to their share of the business?
  • Is there a partnership agreement in place to allow the surviving partners to buy out the share from the deceased estate?
  • How will this be funded?

Key Person Protection

  • Could the business continue if a key employee died or suffered a serious illness and off work for a considerable time?
  • How easy would it be to replace those skills, contacts and experience?
  • What would it cost to recruit and train a new member off the team, and how much revenue could be lost whilst this happens?
  • How will this be funded?

Business Loan Protection

  • Are there business loans in place to support current trading activity?
  • If a key member died, or was seriously ill, how long could you cover these payments?

Relevant Life Plans

Tax efficient polices that, using current legislation, can offer a real saving to you and your business.  They can even be used to offer a ‘death in service’ type benefit to your employees – fantastic for small businesses who cannot access traditional schemes, due to size restrictions

In most cases, premiums (and the proceeds) qualify for tax relief, and as premiums are paid for by the company, they will NOT be treated as a P11D benefit.  For More information download our Guide to Business Protection