To ensure your dependants are protected after your death. If you wish to leave a LUMP SUM TO YOUR DEPENDANTS after your death then, again, level term assurance is appropriate.

Most advisers recommend a policy that will run until the dependency ends, i.e. when your children are 18 or 21, though this can be tailored to suit your own situation and needs.

Alternatively, a cheaper option can be Family Income Benefit. This plan provides an agreed “income” after your death to the end of the term. This is a decreasing term assurance and is therefore cheaper than level term assurance.

How to get the best Life Insurance Quotes

To find the best life insurance policy, you have a number of different choices. Policies from the best life insurance companies can be found via brokers, directly from the provider, or you could use an online comparison site. With these, however, you are often given a guide price, which may sometimes increase once you apply.

The best option though, is to speak to us! We can provide a life insurance quote from a wide range of the UK’s leading insurance companies. We cover all relevant questions so the price we quote you is accurate; and better still, we often have discounts on life insurance rates due to the relationship we have with the insurers, saving you time and money.