Over 50’s Life Insurance is designed to provide cover for funeral costs, unpaid bills and any other expenses in the event of death

Over 50’s Life Insurance and Whole of Life plans

There is no medical underwriting and cover is automatically accepted.  So even if you had been unfortunate to have suffered with cancer, stroke or heart disease, or any other illness, we can ensure that you can be covered.  

Just because you are over 50 and have had some health issues, it doesn’t mean that your life insurance needs have disappeared. Events such as heart attacks, strokes or cancer diagnosis are traumatic for all of us, but it is often around this time that we consider our own future, and that of our loved ones.

Sure Health and Protect have access to specialist insurers that offer Guaranteed Acceptance to the over 50s, no matter what life has thrown at them. As qualified advisors, Sure Health and Protect will also consider if traditional, underwritten, policies may be suitable for you.

Whole of Life Insurance cover is for the whole of your life. Ideal if you want to leave some money to someone when you pass away.  The difference between a traditional whole of life plan, and an over 50’s Guaranteed Acceptance one, is that the traditional plan is likely to offer you more cover for the same premium, though your policy will need to be fully underwritten and you will be asked a range of medical questions.  The answers to these questions could lead to an increase in your premium.  We can assist you with either option, and will ensure that you are advised in the most appropriate manner.