Why do I need cover?

Life is full of uncertainties, and whilst you cannot predict the future, you CAN take steps NOW to ensure that if something happens, or when you are no longer around, YOUR loved ones and your business are taken care of financially.

We understand that talking about insurance is not always easy, that is why we like to see each of customers in person, where possible, to ensure that your questions are answered and that you are properly covered.  Most importantly, we listen to YOU about what matters most.

Having access to many of the UK’s leading insurance providers gives us the opportunity to optimise the value of your policy, whilst retaining a very personalised service, that we think is second to none. Insurance is often overlooked and many people do not review their cover often enough, in particular when their circumstances change.

Many people only take out life insurance to cover their mortgage payments. But where would your family or business be if you suddenly became ill and unable to work, or died? What if something happened to one of your key staff members? Even if your mortgage is paid off, there are so many other outgoings to consider. All your loans and other credit borrowing, for a start, as well as the general expenses of life such as childcare and food.

SO, are YOU and YOUR business covered with adequate insurance? If not, it’s time you were!